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Two women talking at a small table while holding a note pad and a mug

Please note that our COVID-19 (coronavirus) safety measures include:

  • All assessments take place over the phone
  • Therapy sessions will take place over the phone and/or via Skype
  • Group sessions have been paused

We apologise for the inconvenience, but this measure is essential to minimise social contact and ensure the safety of our clients and our staff. Click to read the full details of our measures.

Who can use the service?

Everyone goes through difficult times; sometimes our problems affect our day-to-day lives and we feel that we can’t cope. If you are in this situation, you are not alone.

Insight Healthcare provides a free and confidential talking therapies, commissioned by the NHS. This service is available to anyone aged 18+ and living in Mansfield, Ashfield, Newark, or Sherwood.

How do I arrange an appointment?

Please fill in the self-referral form below, or you can ask your GP for a referral.

Once we have received the referral, a member of the administration team will contact you to arrange an appointment. Please note that it is our usual policy to withhold telephone numbers when we call you.

Where does the therapy take place?

We can provide therapy in a venue that is convenient and local to you – we can offer face to face meetings in a range of community venues as well as GP surgeries. We are also able to offer telephone therapy where this is convenient.