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Two women talking at a small table while holding a note pad and a mug

Long-term health conditions – such as diabetes, chronic pain, or heart conditions – affect your physical health, but they can also significantly impact your mental health and wellbeing.

For example, pain and tiredness caused by some health conditions can make it feel difficult or impossible to do some of the things that you enjoy or are important to you. But if you are not doing these activities, where do you get enjoyment and satisfaction from?

Being diagnosed with a long-term health condition can be life-changing, sometimes changing who you think you are and making you have to adapt your life in many ways. These changes can be difficult to accept and adapt to, making you feel depressed, frustrated, upset or angry.

Although we may not be able to reduce the physical impacts of your health condition, such as pain or tiredness, we can support you to develop ways to cope and manage your feelings.

If you would like to know more about how long-term health conditions can affect your mental health and wellbeing, please see the booklet and video on this page.