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Two women talking at a small table while holding a note pad and a mug

Behavioural couple therapy (BCT) for depression is a type of talking therapy that aims to help couples understand the ways in which difficulties in their relationship can contribute to depression in one (or both) partners.

Sustaining a fulfilling and stable relationship is never easy. Pressures from work, money, children, family tensions, and ill-health can all contribute to creating problems, which can lead to depression and other difficulties for one or both partners.

Couples can often find it hard to talk openly and honestly with each other. Meeting with a couple therapist can open the way to better communication, and this can be a key part of improving relationships.

BCT for depression aims to improve relationships by helping couples to identify and then work together on the things that create unhappiness. This can lead to a happier, more fulfilling relationship and can relieve depression (which in itself often helps to improve the relationship).

Does this sound like something that may be helpful? If so, self-refer for an assessment.