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Our Nottingham talking therapies and counselling service is free, confidential, and is here for anyone 18+ who is registered with a GP in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire.

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What we can help with

Nottingham talking therapies and counselling services accept self-referrals, as well as from GPs and other health professionals, and can offer help to anyone struggling with common mental health problems such as:

If you would like to learn more about the common mental health issues our Nottingham mental health service can support, please visit our How are you feeling? section.

The therapies we offer

To support people with their difficulties, we offer different counselling and talking therapies services in the Nottingham area, such as:

The best therapy will depend on your particular situation. If you would like further information on therapies we offer, please visit the How can we help you? section.

Employment support

Within our Nottingham mental health service, we also have specialist employment advisors who can support you if your mental health has been affected by work. For example, you might want to get back into work, have been affected by furlough or working from home, have been made redundant, or be experiencing other work-related problems.

This service is available to all clients who are attending therapy at our Nottingham service.

How to make an appointment

If you would like to book an appointment, please fill in our self-referral form now and a member of our friendly patient coordinator team will contact you.

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Patient Feedback

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My therapist was amazing, they were kind, reassuring and knowledgeable. They always went above and beyond, researching things to support me. I felt comfortable and safe to share things free from judgement. Thank you very much, I am forever grateful.

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This service was extremely helpful and helped me to understand my problems more and understand what I need to do to help overcome everything. My therapist was very friendly and helpful and I would definitely recommend it to others.

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My therapist was so kind and empathetic to my situation, taking the time to listen and give me the opportunity to express how I was truly feeling. They were so understanding and really unraveled so much for me so that I could think clearly.