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Anna explains more about cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) webinars and how they can help to improve your mental health.

Video Transcription

Anna: Many people choose to access their treatments via a webinar link on a computer, tablet or smartphone device. Using webinars, much like digital therapies, mean that you don’t have to travel in to see a practitioner or therapist for your appointment.

You can access a treatment from home at a scheduled time. In the webinar, a PWP will be on screen and will go through the information about the CBT tools that can help you with the problems that you are experiencing. You can choose to leave your camera on or off. Between sessions, you can put the tools that you learn into action in your daily life. You don’t have to speak during the sessions, although you’re welcome to. You can ask questions anonymously via the chat function, or direct to the facilitator at any time.