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Simon tells us about his experience of generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) and how cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) helped him to overcome it.

Video Transcription

Simon: For me, before I started therapy, it felt like one thing after another. Everything was just building up, I worried all the time, I wasn’t sleeping well, my partner was facing redundancy, my work was going through a lot of change, my parents weren’t well at all, the kids were full on and needed so much time. I was doing my best to support everybody else, but just exhausted and tense all the time, with a feeling of dread that something bad would happen. I was snapping at my wife and kids for little things, I just didn’t recognise myself.

I referred myself to Insight Healthcare after seeing a flyer at our local leisure centre. Something which will always stick with me is what the therapist said to me when we first met, that everyone carries a bucket which represents our capability to cope. The size of the bucket varies from person to person, but the bucket slowly fills up as we experience different types of stress, too much at once and it can overflow. And when I said it out loud to him, it made me realise just how much had been going into my bucket and it was no wonder it was spilling over. The tools that therapy gave me allowed me to help to keep my bucket from overflowing, it helps me to mange my worry and it helps me sleep better. It’s like a tap that allows the stress and worry to drain away.