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David tells us about his experience of depression and how counselling helped him to overcome it.

Video Transcription

David: I was really down when I reached out for help. I’d felt down before, but never anything that had lasted as long as this. Getting out of bed in the morning and showering just seemed like too much effort. I knew I was depressed.

My GP recommended tablets, but I wasn’t sure, I wanted to give something else a try first. The assessment really explored what symptoms I had, and they made a point of asking me what I thought would help and discussed with me what options there were.

I had counselling for depression through Insight. I would describe it as they key to me getting back to how I am now, it’s definitely helped me unlock my mood by considering what may be blocking me in my life at that point. My mood was sending me a message that something had to change to feel better. It’s nice to have someone to talk things through with and listen to me. It wasn’t always easy, but she was very supportive, and I would definitely recommend this service to others.