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Tina tells us about her experience of depression and how interpersonal therapy (IPT) helped her to overcome it.

Video Transcription

Tina: I’ve been depressed before, but I’d never had therapy before, so I was really nervous when my GP referred me. The administrator who booked in my assessment was lovely and really made me feel at ease. I had the first assessment, and they gave me options of what might help my mood. I’d been having trouble with a colleague at work and there was a lot of family stuff going on, so it seemed like IPT would be something that I’d really like to try.

I had the initial phase, and it was just such a relief to not have to not have to manage with everything all by myself anymore. We went through all of my relationships, and we decided that role disputes would be a good area to focus on. I’d always tried to be quite independent and not draw on others or burden them with how I was feeling, but IPT showed me just how important it is to draw on others in our lives and help each other through.

I built up my social network again and I felt much more able to cope with the situation at work. I’m really glad I did it. My therapist was really understanding and really helped me to make positive changes, so, thank you.